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Searching…. Humm. Let’s try Shark? Shark Question Mark ? Shark Question Mark The Band ??? SHARK WEEK? Shark Tank? WTF? So, you’d think it would be easy to find information on a band out of Brooklyn on the interwebs.. But turns out search engines don’t play so nice with some band names. Turns out SHARKQUESTIONMARK nails it perfectly. You get all the results you ever wanted on this seriously not serious band, but is serious about music. Or are they? We tossed some chum out into the cold beer waters of the local bars in Brooklyn, and got a bite from Shark? for an interview! Well it might be an interview. We’re not totally sure if it’s an interview or a cry for help, but we’re sure we gave them some questions that might be logical, or they might be subliminal in some way that extracts a totally different thought related to food..  But in true fashion of a band we can expect something different from. We got what we feel are actually very clever responses that we hoped for.. They are the kind of response that work perfectly with a beer in one hand and a mouse in the other.. Well a computer mouse, not a live mouse. Don’t get too literal here!

Shark? is a band out of Brooklyn, that consists of members Kevin Diamond, Andy Kinsey, Andy Swerdlow & Chris Mulligan. Our interview was with Andy Kinsey. Who’s a string short of a full guitar….. Because he plays the Bass Guitar. The Band has been around awhile, but got a big jump in band name awareness with GTA V’s release. They’re featured on Vinewood Boulevard Radio in GTA V’s radio line up. With over 250 million of the game out there, I’m sure most of you have heard their track “California Grrls”.


RSN|Q1| What’s been your by far the most favored venue and how did it really stand out from other places?

SHARK?| I woke up really sick this morning and people at work are asking me the dumbest questions. Or they’re not asking ANY questions and doing everything wrong. It makes me wonder two things: 1) How does anything ever get done in this world? 2) This is exactly why global warming and climate change will never be reversed. Death By Audio was the best.

RSN|Q2| How would you describe the direction you are going with your music? Exploratory, self-expression, a philosophical outlet? Or you just feel the drive to entertain!

SHARK?| When I get frustrated by my coworkers or anyone in general I think of what the Dalai Llama would do. He teaches about compassion and I wish I was a better person. I have problems dealing with anger and feel very guilty about it. I wonder how his parents felt, I would be very happy if my kid turned out to be the Dalai Llama. Most of our songs are about that feeling.

RSN|Q3| How’s being in GTA V’s radio lineup changed the way the band is received by audiences?

SHARK?| Band brand awareness metrics have increased 50% year to date and social media engagement remains solid however we are open to hiring a full-time social media manager to elevate our presence across a wider variety of platforms. Please send resumes and a photo of your appropriate government ID to


RSN|Q4| Most people probably ask who your favorite musicians influence or band is. We’re tossing you a curve ball this time. I’m going to mention one of our favored bands Oasis instead of you noting yours. The trick to this one is what song would you choose from them to cover? Would you bring your element to it, or just cover it as it is?

SHARK?| I really want some soup, maybe ramen or a hot and spicy tom yum. Options can be limited in midtown Manhattan, I’ll stab my eyes out if I eat White Castle again. I’d say Oasis is kind of like White Castle whereas I prefer Blur.

RSN|Q5| If asked by a young inspiring musician for advise. What hypothetical Kool-aid would you advise them to drink up while learning the ropes, and what mistakes they should absolutely avoid.

SHARK?| If you want people to like you, make them want more. People will come back if they want more. If they don’t come back then they’re not interested, so change it up and do something different. If you want to make stuff for yourself, that’s fine. Just don’t be continually surprised that you’re your only fan. Also I like the green kind of kool aid that tastes like berries.

RSN|Q6| How was SHARK?’s music style formed, and how did you all put it together?

SHARK?| I’ve really got to get something to eat, I think I’m dying. I have so much Sudafed at home, I should have left some here for emergencies. I just overheard a conversation from a coworker; this guy he used to work with his kid; had an asthma attack, went into cardiac arrest and now he’s in a coma. It’s very difficult to work your hardest, try your best, and then BAM something comes out of no where and your life is completely changed for the worse. I mean, how are we supposed to save up 401k’s and get health insurance we don’t necessarily need at the moment and whatever. I feel like a lemming sometimes, running off a cliff but the cliff is actually a treadmill that you continually fall off forever. I forget the question.

RSN|Q7| Have you played GTA and GTA Online? Which Main Character did you have the most fun with?

SHARK?| I would hijack a bus and just drive up and down the sidewalks, back and forth, up and down. I called it “Mowing the Lawn”. The cops always get you but for awhile you’re just…free.

RSN|Q8| What are gigs like in NYC ?

SHARK?| There’s a lot of great people here, for all the hard work these people put out it would be great if they were more successful. Kevin wrote a song called “High Hopes”, I like singing it when I think about all the things I’ve failed at.

RSN|Q10| Have you guys met up with anyone else who has Music in GTA V?

SHARK?| Yeah, we met up with a bunch of them. Turns out a bunch of people we know are in the game- bands, voice actors, etc. I was kinda hoping it would be more special, like that one thing we achieved that no one else did. But it was the opposite. I think today is opposite day.

RSN|11| What’s the most enlightening, fun or funniest moment you had while recording videos?

SHARK?| When I think about the fun times in my life it makes me want to cry because I never valued them at the time. I didn’t allow myself to be happy and enjoy life. I was depressed. I am depressed. This is why i hope that aliens are real or something incredible will happen- so I can say “I knew it!” “I knew there was a reason!” or something like that.

RSN|12| what was your excitement level when you learned you would be featured in GTA V’s Music Station lineup.

SHARK?| I thought “I hope this changes my life.”

As always, we appreciate the time Andy spent answering our questions! We hope to hear more Beer Drinking, Couchsurfing and visually compelling music from Shark? this year!


From the RSN team!

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“Vocalist/guitarist Kevin Diamond howls darkly through bassist Andy Kinsey’s diligent groove and a brattily shrill synth icing… That combined with an intelligent ear for melody makes for a perfect balance of punk form and function” – Pitchfork
Shark?… play fun, heavy rock, sounding like a mid-nineties MTV Buzz Bin band (in a good way).”The New Yorker
“Emerging Brooklyn quartet, steadily gaining momentum with their melodic grit.” – New York Magazine
“You should hear the thrashing Brooklyn rock quartet before they get all famous” – Nylon Magazine

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