Grand Theft Auto: V

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GAME NAME: Grand Theft Auto: V

DEVELOPER(S): Rockstar North

PUBLISHER(S): Rockstar Games

PLATFORM(S): Playstation 3, Xbox 360

GENRE(S): Action-Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): September 17, 2013

The Run Up:

Back at the end of 2010 we posted an article that said Michael Pachter speculated that Grand Theft Auto V would be coming in 2011 or 2012, since we know it won’t be here in 2011, that leaves us with 2012. Nothing else has ever come out of this prediction since that time.

On February 7, we posted a news report that quoted David Risatu, who’s a financial officer from The Oxen group saying that Take-Two ‘can do it without GTA’. This would lead one to believe that since the heat is off from Take-Two, Rockstar could take their time with the next GTA installment. Keep in mind that these are just analyst predictions and opinions.

Fast forward to March 7th we get another rumor surrounding GTA V, this time codenamed “Rush”.The report also said that the game would be set in Los Angeles because they found an actors resume (article) which has a reference to motion-capture work on Grand Theft Auto: V. “Among the projects listed in the casting call was an ‘interactive project’ called ‘Rush,’ which featured characters that fit with the few details I heard about GTA5; outlandish characters, weed, gangsters, & celebrities fit the profile for a contemporary LA-set GTA game.”

The pieces are starting to fall into place, that GTA: V will be set in America once again, and we reported on October 24th that Dan Houser was quoted as saying, “We go backwards and forwards on it. There are very interesting crime stories and other stories you can tell about anyplace in the world. Whether that would work with Grand Theft Auto — when so much about Grand Theft Auto is about the Americana, about the American media — is something I’m not sure about. ” This quote was from an Entertainment Weekly report that he did about the 10th Anniversary of Grand Theft Auto: 3.

The Announcement:

On October 26, 2011 Rockstar Games broke their silence about the highly anticipated next game in the Grand Theft Auto series.  They did it in typical Rockstar fashion and simply Tweeted an image showing the official logo and a trailer release date.  The buzz around the gaming community was amazing, the “green V” was seen everywhere within hours and thus began the hype surrounding GTA: V.

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  1. Yuri August 31, 2013 at 2:29 PM - Reply

    Hi! I’m here to tell you to create one GTA 5 on the PC, I know that you answer me – “Go to hell” … But you will have a lot of angry gamers, including myself, I just want to say that you create one its game on the PC. A lot of gamers will support me.P.SI’m from Ukraine and my name is Yuri, but I do not think that you’re interested.

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