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Continuing our Celebration of 1 year of Max Payne 3. I’ve reached out to Hamish M. Who fought vigilantly win the Twitter feed for Rockstar’s attention in the fan casting to be an avatar in Max Payne 3. (http://www.rockstargames.com/maxpayne3/casting) He took this pretty serious and was excited that he got the opportunity to place him self into a Rockstar title! I competed too, it was pretty tough to get the attention with so many tweets taking over Twitter.com using the trend #MAXPAYNE3. So congrats to him again. I hope GTA V get’s the same opportunity!

I’ll get the ball rolling with the same questions asked at once to all of the Avatar Faces.

ChicagoEnima: How’s the being an avatar in a game effected your personal lives? Have you been recognized all over the place, once in a while. Or just not at all...

Hamish: Being included was really great. I never really thought that I’d get to see what I look like in a video game. Also what I look like dead in a video game. So, playing Max Payne 3 for the first time was pretty strange. Seeing my head in game and then watching as it got riddled with bullets was kind of like an outer body experience. Beyond attracting a few more followers to my twitter( @SilentHamish ), then having my mates at work talk about killing me (In game), and some old school mates asking about it. Nothing has really changed. I did get a few articles written about it ( “Meet the only australian in Max Payne 3″ ) AND ( “Melbourne man morphes into video game” I have to say it was a good year. Thank to the team at Rockstar Games.

ChicagoEnigma: Would you do it all over again!

Hamish: Most definitely. It was really fun. Plus it brought all these fans together. You really got the sense that the RockStar Games team love their fans and want to make each game an experience and a unique one. Making fans are part of it. Yet, I’m sure the team probably own my soul now…Or face…Anyway, I wouldn’t mind if they used it again, maybe needed an extra face for a pedestrian to run over in ‘GTA V’.

ChicagoEnigma: Have you finished playing Max Payne 3, and if so more than once.

Hamish: Yes. As soon as I got it I was in deep. Bullets flying, and people dying, left, right, and just off center. It was a blast. So, as soon as the ride ended. I jumped back on and played it all again. I thought the story was well crafted and gave Max a new level of character and meaning in his life. You really don’t see enough of that these days. A video game hero with a soul.

ChicagoEnigma: Are you still playing Max Payne 3… or has the magic faded in preparation for GTA V!!!

Hamish: I still try and get on to playing some MP3. Yet, I have work and other things going on such as my acting class I’m in. Unfortunately I can’t mix my videogaming time with work time into the same place. Also, like everybody else. Other videogames seem to catch my attention. Such as ‘Far Cry 3’, ‘The Walking Dead’ and ‘Hot Line Miami’. Yet I still have love for Max and the gang. I just need to work out a perfect time to jump on for some multiplayer action. Curse My Australian Time Difference!!!

ChicagoEnigma: Will you be all over GTA V like you were for MP3, or even more so for GTA V!

Hamish: Most likely, yes. Seeing as the GTA series is a staple of video gaming. So, I’d love to see what they have done with this ‘almost’ real life simulator. There seems to be so many more things to do and explore this time around. I’m sure you could get distracted and forget about there even being a story attached to it. 😀

ChicagoEnigma: If you could meet each other, what’s the first possible thing you might say to one another! (Other than the status Quo – HI, hello, how are you!!)

Hamish: Probably. “Hey, did you guys kill me?” and “Lets play all together at the same time”. Basically a get together of the real people to play the unreal versions of our selves. For real!

ChicagoEnigma: Any comments you may have in general or noise you want to share with the community! 🙂

Hamish: It was an ace experience being part of the team. Along with RockStar Games being really awesome at giving swag. I never thought I’d see the day that I’d get a cool gun clip flask. All in all, it was all fantastic. My soul is locked in a video game and as i get older my digital face will still look youthful. Then one day i’ll show my kids and they’ll look at me and say “Who the heck is that?”.

Thanks to everyone and the big wide Max Payne community for reaching out to me and everyone. And you too ChicagoEnigma! Thanks for contacting me about this anniversary!


It was my pleasure Hamish. It’s been great catching up with you. To bad the times we can play overlap work hours for each other. Maybe some weekend morning for me, evening for you we can catch up and kick some arse ! I also look forward to tearing up the streets of GTA V with you. I’m sure we’ll get into all kinds of trouble with the law in Los Santos. “Look, there’s a car to be jecking!”


Thanks to everyone who’s supporting the gaming community.

I have more interviews up my sleeve, and some followup videos, so keep reading! 🙂

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