Chain Gang of 1974 – Thompson Twin Cover

By / March 30, 2014 / Music, News

The Thompson Twins’ 1984 hit “Hold Me Now” may be on your ’80s mellow mixtape, but it’s not a song that has aged well. The odd percussion sounds, the chimes ringing every so often, and the layers and layers of reverb all firmly plant this song in a decade of questionable decisions. Some redeeming factors, though, are a wicked bassline and that catchy chorus.

The psychedelic rock of Denver’s Kamtin Mohager, who performs under the name The Chain Gang of 1974, washes away those questionable elements in a wave of guitar noise. The Chain Gang version is incredibly loud, and much slower than the original, giving the chorus an even more pronounced, anthemic feel. The song is so big that when it suddenly turns into a vocal and piano solo around the four minute mark the difference is shocking. In both cases, the update sounds wonderful, hitting that perfect cover mix of familiar and new. Listen and download The Chain Gang of 1974 version below. (via Under the Radar)



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