Too old for this $hit!

By / March 25, 2014 / News
Niko: “Roman, come out of that stall..”
Roman: “No, I know I can do this..” – Roman groans..
Niko: “You’re just going to break a blood vessel in your eye, and give yourself  hemorrhoids.. “
Roman: “Ok Cousin, your are right.. let’s just go bowling.”

Jason Zumwalt & Oliver Vaquer (better known as Roman Bellic in GTA4 & Robert Lutece in BioShock Infinite) of Inside Gaming’s “Booker Catch” fame. Get together and play video Games. They decided to form a new collaborated YouTube channel called “Too Old for this sh1t

Check them out in this 3rd instalment of their new Series..

South Park the stick of truth – Jason Can’t poop!”



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