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I’ve been following Patrick Brown for a few years now.  He never runs short of amazing works related to games he likes. He especially favors the games of Rockstar . His next series involves some moments when Trevor wakes up from a player transition. Those moments that you never expected… Patrick’s looking to spice them up even more.. So expect, the unexpected.

“Hmm, Now I’ve got to find a hiker to eat for breakfast..” – Trevor Phillips.

His work is always action packed, story focused very colorful. (A coloring book version would be ironically cool for us to have parallel to the new works. -hint hint at Patrick..)  He has a keen eye for color, a unique consistent style.. I’m sure we all look forward to this next series. He released the above sneak peek involving Trevor waking up next to Walter White (Brian Cranston) in a Breaking Bad theme.. Very cool. I know I can’t wait to see the finished product.

Here’s a couple of examples of his GTA V works.

gta_v___launch_piece_by_patrickbrown-d6lr6yn TrevorMolotiv800px

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