Radio Blitz – Bombing you with sound!

By / July 16, 2014 / Music, News

blitz_radioA radio revolution has happened here, and we wanted to start this event with a bang. We’ve decided to start a whole new approach to the what if  we had this Radio Station in GTA V.  We’re including a whole track list of music that fits the channel’s theme. We’ll try to get one unique station per month as time permits. We plan to try to cover every genre possible, but stick to the made up channel’s theme.. This months fictional channel for GTA V is called RADIO BLITZ! We’ve even created a Logo for this Channel.  We love Music here, and especially love having a song on the radio in-game that makes it worth not getting out the car. So instead of just picking groups that are obscure, we’re going to nail down some real music that you may have heard on the radio already, or have in a music collection of your own. So check it out, and let us know what you think. Shoot us your ideas on twitter to @rockstarnetwork  and get credit for your ideas for future fictional channels.


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