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Yeardley Diamond spent countless hours to create small visual marvels for the GTA Community. Most of his work revolved around Mods in GTA IV, and using the in game video capture/editor on PC. The editor for it’s time was a really cool feature for GTA IV. It allowed some very dynamic editing of cameras, cuts, motions and a variety of other features. Yeardley took it further with innovative and clever ways with Mods to entertain us! But sadly we’ve lost  Yeardley otherwise known as Fernando Agapito jr, Born Dec. 21, 1985. He passed away August 20th 2014 of a cardiac arrest at the young age of 29. He will be missed in the community. His work was not just for himself, but for us the community of avid Rockstar Fans, and players of the GTA series.


Over the years his machinima videos  have reached over One Hundred Twenty Two Thousand subscribers, and in times nearly 14 million views on just one video. His focus was unique things to do with GTA IV. Most recently he’s incorporated GTA V and Red Dead into the world of GTA IV. We’ve featured his work on and off over the years. We can tell that his work was a passion for him. Being one of those video editors, we know it takes time, and dedication. Patients, and a plan!! Clearly he enjoyed it, just as much if not more than we do.

He wanted us to take his videos in a not so serious, but serious mood, and then get you to laugh about it. You can not help yourself when watching one of his videos.. You end up having one of those  Laugh out loud moments that make you smile. His videos feature everything from Horses, to doing newly modified dance moves for Niko and company. And in some videos Niko is accompanied with his own music tracks, twerking, dancing with dogs and other hypnotic silliness. One of his signatures is the ending to his videos. The Yeardley Diamond, Diamond burst. But let’s not forget that little smirk that he has Niko do in GTA IV videos. It’s so diabolical and funny at the same time! It’s one of those very mischievous grins, and it’s very fitting!

The last known video he’s done is just below. We hope his Brother finds some other works his computer and eventually shares them. But out of respect, anyone who knows where and how to contact him. I ask not one of you push his brother for that. So mind your own business and provide condolences for this time in his life. Losing any family is never easy, and it takes time to heal.

Yeardly’s works span everything from A Gangnam Style GTA IV video featuring the boys of GTA IV, Top Down, a GTA Top Down Perspective of GTA II in GTA IV. Gentleman – Niko Bellic’s Version. GTA IV’s Sexist Twerk Ever! Up to fake IV coming to PS4 and Xbox one, Heavy Rain, Dancing Dogs and more. There’s really so much more to his videos as a whole. So if you’ve never been to his youtube page, we highly recommend it. Even has featured his works. We’re not going to go into great detail, so check out his latest video and comb through his other works. Enjoy Them. Leave a positive comment to him and something his family can read and know his time was not wasted as a video game youtube channel entertainer. Yes, some of his works we’re peculiar, but they were meant to make you laugh.. If you did not laugh.. You should worry about your state of mind as a GTA Player..

Our thoughts are with his family during this difficult and emotional time. So we want you and his family to know his unique touch to the GTA community will be missed, but not forgotten. So to his family, you should know a great amount of respect to him comes from the rest of us in the Rockstar Gaming Community. He will greatly missed by us all. Our hearts go out to you…

With much respect and condolences,

The Rockstar Network Team


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-Yeardley Diamond

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