GTAO fan made GIF: Apartment living proves challenging for Santa

I came across this GTA Online fan made GIF while writing Festive Surprise 2017 is here, snow to follow and found, while it did not fit exactly the context of that article, it was too good not to share in some capacity on here. The GIF was created by SantAar with the assistance of Cameron (@TheNotoriousSOV), who played Santa in the GIF.

SantAar is a Twitter GTA community regular, frequently sharing Snapmatics that he has made, as well as the creations of others, relating to the Grand Theft Auto series on Twitter. He is part of a vibrant community of creative Rockstar Games fans who share their creations online, some of which are featured by Rockstar Games from time to time on the Rockstar Newswire and official social media accounts.


What do you think of the GIF? Let us know in the comments section down below or on our various social media channels. SantAar can be found on Twitter @AarDooo, and Cameron can be found on Twitter @TheNotoriousSOV.

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