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Grand Theft Auto Vice City Soundtrack

Following the release of the Grand Theft Auto Vice City 10th Anniversary edition Rockstar Games has put together a great list of 80’s movies that inspired Grand Theft Auto Vice City in the first place.

Rockstar Games


Looking back on Grand Theft Auto: Vice City on the occasion of its recent mobile release is a pretty powerful double-hit of nostalgia for us. Not only are we here at Rockstar taken back to that wild year of 2002 when we labored to take the groundbreaking 3D GTA experience pioneered in the previous fall’s Grand Theft Auto III into a direction that no one at the time expected – but it’s also a time to revisit the fascination with 1980s pop culture that inspired Vice City in the first place. From coked-out debutantes, suave and in-control hit men, hot-blooded drug kingpins, egomaniacal movie directors… the larger than life attitudes of that “me” decade as served up in the films of the era served as perfect inspiration for the stories, characters and scenery that drove the world and vibe of Vice City…

Check out the list here.

Vice City Soundtrack

Vice City Soundtrack

Inspired by Rockstar Games and their nostalgia we’ve created the best Grand Theft Auto Vice City Soundtrack playlist for all you Spotify users out there.
From Flash FM to V-Rock and back to Fever 105, it’s all in there!

Flash Fm Vice City

For me personally the music really ‘made’ Vice City. When cruising and listening to “Run To You” or “Dance Hall Days” everything just clicked.

Starting with the immense popular Flash FM and it’s host Toni, for most of the Grand Theft Auto Vice City players out there this is radio station #1. With songs such as: “Out of Touch” “Owner of a Lonely Heart” “Dance Hall Days” and “Billie Jean” this station defined what Vice City was all about.

Popular among taxi cab drivers in Vice City: Radio Espantoso, the word Espantoso in Spanish means: “terrible” or “horrible”.
Unfortunately we were not able to find every track played on Radio Espantoso on Spotify.

Fever 105

Fever 105! With Oliver “Ladykiller” Biscuit behind the mic! Spinning the tables with hits like: “Get Down Saturday Night” “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’ “and “Ghetto Life” this station never lost it’s groove.

When Summer Madness came on and you were driving down the highway with the sun going down, nothing could go wrong.

V Rock - Vice City

The #1 Heavy Metal and Hard Rock music station in Vice City. Hosted by Lazlow and blasting your speakers with the best rock music the Vice City Soundtrack has to offer.

Vice City Emotion 98.3

With the always touchy Fernando Martinez, Emotion 98.3 is the #1 radio station for people who want to get in touch with their feelings. Fernando Martinez claims that he has a gift with the ladies of Vice City and is an amazing match-maker.

With hits such as: “Africa” and “(I just) Died in Your Arms” this station can’t be missed. When “Broken Wings” starts nothing seems to matter outside of Vice City any more.

Vice City Wave 103

Hosted by Adam First, this is Wave 103! Featuring New Wave and Synthpop music. “Gold” “99 Luftballons” and “Kids in America” are just 3 highlights!


The last station in our epic Grand Theft Auto Vice City Soundtrack round-up is Wildstyle Pirate Radio.

Hosted by “Super Rocking” Mr.Magic the station plays electro music and hip hop.

Have fun listening to the great Vice City soundtrack and don’t forget that the Grand Theft Auto Vice City 10th anniversary edition is also available for Android!

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