Grand Theft Auto V Artwork and “lots more ahead”

Grand Theft Auto V

Happy 2013 to everyone! We are working on getting RockstarBase on a new server and improving the site overall.
This is the Grand Theft Auto V year! And Rockstar just released another piece of great artwork named: “The Trunk”.

Rockstar also said the following regarding Grand Theft Auto V.

Stay tuned for lots more ahead, including more artwork and the unveiling of the game’s official cover later this month.

Grand Theft Auto V – The Trunk

Grand Theft Auto V The Trunk

Previously released Grand Theft Auto V Artwork

"Stop and Frisk"

“Stop and Frisk”

"Franklin and Chop"

“Franklin and Chop”




Rockstar Games:

Happy 2013 everyone. By popular fan demand, the downloadable digital collection of official Grand Theft Auto V artwork has now been updated to include all of the original illustrations released to date – including “The Trunk“, “Franklin and Chop“, “Stop and Frisk” and “Vinewood” as seen here. You may have seen these pieces over the past couple months at local game stores, or in various previews around the web – and you can now download any and all of them as desktops, Facebook covers, buddy icons and as Social Club avatars. You can also check out a complete repository of all GTAV screenshots released to date over at

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