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Dave wheeler

Greeting all,

Thanks for keeping up with us. I’m finally getting back to our round of Max Payne Avatar Friends. The one year anniversary of MAX PAYNE 3.  With questions and answers from our Avatar Friends in the Rockstar Games community… I connected with Dave Wheeler recently. He’s a DJ, nice guy, Max Payne 3 Avatar, actor & voice actor extraordinaire ! (IMDB) It was great he responded last time to us here at Rockstarnetwork.net.. But even better when he replied again. Thanks Dave! We appreciate your friendly and funny responses to our new Q&A with you!

For those that are not aware of this. Dave is a DJ in Winnipeg Canada. He fought tooth and nail at the chance to get his likeness into Max Payne. Like everything else he does, he succeeded.   With that in mind. Let’s get to the lighter side of this Q&A and start with the questions.

CHICAGO ENIGMA: How’s the being an avatar in a game effected your personal lives? Have you been recognized all over the place, once in a while. Or just not at all..
DAVE WHEELER: I’ve had a ton of people contact me via social networking telling me how much they enjoyed killing/playing as me. But no one putting my face with the one on screen in public.

CHICAGO ENIGMA: Would you do it all over again!
DAVE WHEELER: In a heartbeat! The crew at R* were/are awesome. It was a pleasure working with them.

CHICAGO ENIGMA: Have you finished playing Max Payne 3, and if so more than once?
DAVE WHEELER:I have. Just the once. Hoping they can figure out a way to do another, and another… And another.

CHICAGO ENIGMA: Are you still playing Max Payne 3… or has the magic faded in preparation for GTA V!!!
DAVE WHEELER: I’m chomping at the bit for GTA V. All these pushbacks on a release date is killing me!!

CHICAGO ENIMGA: Will you be all over GTA V like you were for MP3, or even more so for GTA V!
DAVE WHEELER: Same, I’ll play my heart out!

CHICAGO ENIGMA: If you could meet each other, what’s the first possible thing you might say to one another!
DAVE WHEELER: I’d ask if they somehow learned bullet time in real life. Cause I haven’t yet, and if they did; I wanna learn!!!

CHICAGO ENIGMA: Any comments you may have in general or noise you want to share with the community about yourself!
DAVE WHEELER: “For any international fans of the cartoon ‘Super Strikas’. Keep your ear out for my voice in the new season!!

Awesome Dave,
I love the responses.. They are true and comical from you at the same time.. I find it funny that people don’t recognize you in public. Especially the younger than you generation, or show listeners…
I recognize people by voice easier than their face all the time. So even if you we’re incognito, I’d know it was you by voice. 😉 As always it’s much appreciated that you took time out of your busy schedule to respond. I wish you luck on you newly added projects!
Cheers from your friends here at Rockstarnetwork.net !

KEEP an eye out for our next Q&A  with our friends that are Avatars in MAX PAYNE 3.

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