Breakdown of the Official GTA V Gameplay trailer

By / July 17, 2013 / Grand Theft Auto V, News

A little bit after Rockstar dropped the bomb on us, and showed us a truly stunning and revealing GTA V Gameplay video, we’ve gone through all frames and dissected the one’s we found interesting! We want to underline that we’ve skipped the most fundamental and easy things to see in the trailers, instead trying to find more odd details.

In this post, we’ll be showing you all the small and big details that we’ve found worthy to mentions just a little bit extra; it can be an easter egg, a character, vehicle, or place. Almost anything, in fact, so sit down in your favourite chair (or sofa, or bed, or bathtub, we don’t mind.), and scroll down for all the goodness, in no particular order.

GP00064 GP00063 GP00061 GP00060 GP00059 GP00057 GP00056 GP00052 GP00051 GP00050 GP00049 GP00048 GP00045 GP00044 GP00043GP00040 GP00038 GP00032 GP00030 GP00023 GP00022 GP00021 GP00019 GP00018 GP00015 GP00014 GP00013 GP00012 GP00010 GP00008

GP00007 GP00006 GP00002 GP00001 GP00071 GP00069 GP00067 GP00065






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