GTA V Fan Art and Launch Trailer Remake in IV

By / September 11, 2013 / Grand Theft Auto V
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Patrick Brown and Yeardly Diamond are at it again!

Long-time Rockstar Games fan and artist Patrick Brown provides us with another brilliant GTA V fan art piece just in time for the launch of the game.


Click for Full-Size on DeviantArt

As always with Patrick’s art, the detail is stunning. Note the Republican Space Rangers ad in the background!

Another well-known figure in the Rockstar Games/GTA community, Yeardly Diamond on YouTube (Amongst other things known for his GTA IV remake of Gangnam Style) is also at it again, this time with a GTA IV remake of the GTA V launch trailer – Check it out below!

See more of their work here (for Patrick Brown) and here (for Yeardly Diamond) and make sure to tell them that RockstarBase sent you!

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