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Update 12/12/2017: The second video in the two-part series was uploaded today. GTA V o’Clock was able to play the update early and tell all about the first act, which they estimate takes approximately five hours to complete. They have said that they will be making a follow-up video at some point. You can view the video on the GamesRadar+ YouTube channel by clicking here. The video has also been added at the bottom of this article.

Original story:

After two years, one month and seven days of silence, the Grand Theft Auto YouTube news podcast GTA V o’Clock has uploaded a brand new video about the latest in Grand Theft Auto V news. The weekly show, which aired most Wednesdays from November 2012 until November 2015 on the CVG official YouTube channel, discussed news and fan theories surrounding Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. GTA V o’Clock was the only show from CVG that continued after CVG  magazine was closed by its publisher, Future plc, on 26 February 2015. According to Wikipedia, until its closure in 2015, CVG was the longest running video game media brand in the world.

On YouTube, CVG possesses over 121 million video views, but currently only has 283, 712 subscribers – a number that is most likely lower than it was when the channel was active. The description of the latest upload to the channel states that this video is part one of at least “2 special shows”, the second of which will be coming “later on this week” and will be the show where they delve into the Doomsday Heist update’s contents. The first episode was hosted by two of the show’s original hosts and creators, James Jarvis, a senior producer for Future Publishing’s games division, and Dan DawkinsGamesRadar+ global Editor in Chief. There was no sign of occasional co-host Iain Wilson or the other original series host/creator Tim Weaver, who left the show in late 2013.1


Their newest video can be viewed down below or by clicking here. The GamesRadar+ article about this can be seen here.

1: Tim Weaver left the show around October 2013. He has, however, previously returned for an episode of the series as a special guest.

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