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Playing Grand Theft Auto Online with the New York City skyline all around me was nothing short of amazing, but even more amazing was the Grand Theft Auto Online experience. “I’m gonna pick you up when you’ve robbed that store! So, get out of there, jump in my car and I’ll escape from police.” “All right, let’s do this!” Above was just one of the conversations I had with another fansite webmaster when playing Grand Theft Auto Online at Rockstar Games in New York City. Instead of writing a “review” or “report” I’ll be writing about the experiences I’ve had in the game and hopefully add to the anticipation of this amazing game!

The RV. “I’m coming to pick you up with my RV, where are you?” “I’m fighting off the military police after I’ve tried to enter the military base!” “Well, hold on, stay alive!” I found him on the beach with what seemed like the whole state of San Andreas chasing him. He jumped in my RV and we drove of. “Now I’m wanted as well, great! Let’s try to shake them of!” Seconds later, the RV was torn to pieces and we died. Welcome to Grand Theft Auto Online. Synchronized.

The game  is very solid and everything is synchronized up perfectly. After modifying my amazing executive car I picked up Casey from GtaGaming.com and we started cruising around the map. When we looked at each other’s screen we noticed that everything was moving exactly the same.

Pistol on the roof! I stole the first supercar in sight and went immediately after the person who just killed me; a Rockstar employee. After driving across the map I finally found the Rockstar, but like a real Rockstar I got shot in the face with a shotgun and was murdered in cold blood once again. THIS IS IT, I’M GOING TO KILL. Jumped in the nearest car and found the Rockstar standing in front of a wall. “Perfect!” I thought. I floored the gaspedal and launched him into the wall he was standing in front of. But he wasn’t dead yet, so I shot him in the head with a pistol. Revenge.. finally. When I went after the Rockstar again I had all the confidence in the world but that quickly faded when I got killed from a rooftop with a pistol. The game accurately registered all the bullets, even the pistol bullets coming from a rooftop, this isn’t child play. I was mad but impressed at the same time, well done Rockstar. HUGE.

I could write for days about the 7 hours I’ve spent in the Grand Theft Auto Online world and not even scratch the surface. Grand Theft Auto Online is going to be everything you want it to be and more! I want to thank Rockstar Games for giving me the opportunity to play Grand Theft Auto Online in  New York City. They took care of everything and we all had a very good and memorable time. nyc2If you have ANY comments, just comment on this article and I’ll try to answer them!

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