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Caught_off_guard A mod for Max Payne 2? Yes, Max Payne 2 has a new mod has just been completed on January 1st 2014. It’s creator is a user in the MOD DB community that goes by the handle The_Silver.   It looks like he’s been putting a lot of effort into making a very nice conversion of MP2 to look and feel like Max Payne 3 to an extent. I recently reached out to The silver just before the Holidays to learn more about him and his project. Why you ask? Because I like Max Payne 2 & 3, and it seemed like a daunting project to convert some of the ways MP3 looks and feels into MP2. So I was really curious to learn more. I asked a series of questions, and I got some real answers to them.  Not every question I asked is here, but the answers have some them covered.

The first thing  I wanted to know was when he got started, what drove him and where he’s going!

When did you start Modding games?

“I’ve been modding since when I was 13.  I got my start when playing GTA3 for pc and it had the custom skin selection, you just had to use Paint on a template and you were already putting something yours in the game. I was amazed by this thing, I put countless of hours creating my own skins, then I discovered the GTA modding sites and their tutorial, and in a couple of months I was playing a completely new game, exactly the game I wanted.”

When did Max Payne come into the picture?

” I  bought Max Payne 1 a couple of years after its release, even if I had a very bad pc it immediately stunned me, I perfectly remember the first time I pressed the ShootDodge key. I was speechless, my 14 years old eyes had never seen anything cooler untill then, this series amazed me from the very first moment of gameplay. The natural consequence was that I immediately watched movies like Matrix and Hard Boiled a dozen of times. The bullettime action mixed with the hardboiled cop was addictive to watch.  So imagine how I felt when I discovered that MP1 was even an easily moddable game. I had a 56k internet connection at the time and I spent entire days downloading little mods for MP1, just to unpack and analize them with the mod tools included in the MP1 disk. I made a lot of personal mods for MP1, and even more for MP2. These games combined my love for slowmotion hardboiled action with an awesome narration, a unique noir feeling mixed with humor, and the voiceovers were the icing on the cake. I’ve played both games so many times that I perfectly know every little detail, I even know every piece of speech, both in english and in italian. Modding them was simply the marriage between the two thing that I loved most. I’ve even left a lot of newer games temporarily unfinished just to have more time to finish my mods, I loved to spend hours reading a txt filled with scripts a lot more than playing games like CoD4 or Half-Life 2.”

This mod will evolve your Max Payne 2 experience to a whole new level,  one step closer to its successor Max Payne 3. The aim of this mod is to  combine some of the best features of Max Payne 3 with the unique style  and feeling of Max Payne 2. With new models, weapons, animations,  graphic effects, sounds, particles, and so on this mod will improve your  good old Max Payne 2 to make it shine again in the next generation  gaming. Take a look!

What Drives you to Mod and what do you bring to your creations that make them special?

“I try to stay true to the original games,  no extra magic, ninjas, kungfu or superpowers, just an awesome piece of art slightly improved with little features, well some of them a lot bigger than others. But the point is that everything always had to FIT in the base game, not revolutionize it, because it was already the best game I’ve ever played and the only thing I always wanted was to improve it as much as I could. When MP3 was released, and despite the obvious differences from the previous games caused by the different developer it had a lot of things that made me feel almost like 10 years ago. Some things were lost but others were so much better. The things I like more are the graphics, the details of every setting and the incredible physics, Euphoria  engine is really the next step in the evolution of videogames IMHO. Despite some criticism I liked most of its new features, like the Last Stand, the new shootdodges, the limited inventory etc, so my immediate thought was to put them in my loved MP2. Considering also the questionable choice by Rockstar to completely ignore the good old modding scene that the previous games had, and to not provide any kind of modding tools for MP3, I had no other choice about what game I should work on… Anyway I think that at the end I succeeded at mixing some of the “fresh” and modern features of MP3 to the good old story and feeling of MP2. To be honest I think that I’ve even improved some of them, considering that I haven’t added the constant annoying flashes, chromatic aberrations and distortions, that the shootdodges doesn’t “stop” when hitting a table with a leg, that the Last Stand always grants you to shoot in the direction that you want and allows you to survive by killing any enemy etc.”

This Mod is going to be packed with features!

Gameplay Cutscenes – Some special cutscenes are modified to include gameplay elements,  just like you experienced in MP3, so expect to be thrown straight in the  middle of the action, with plenty of bullettime and in full control of  your character.
Limited Inventory – You can take with you only  3 weapons at most, the 38 Revolver will always stay there as your  backup sidearm, then you can pick up another handgun and a rifle.  Picking up the same handgun again will give you the ability to dual  wield it. Dual wielding the handguns will not make you drop your rifle.  Obviously picking up a different handgun or rifle will replace your  previous weapon and all its ammo will be gone, so choose wisely.
Shootdodges – The new shootdodges are very similar to the Max Payne 3 ones, there’s  a new shootdodge specific for the one-handed handguns and you will stay  in the air a lot longer, also the shootdodge slowmotion will end only  when you land, so shootdodging from a higher place will give you more  slowmotion air time, and once landed you can stay prone as long as you  fire your gun.
Last Stand – If you have at least one  painkiller left and you get fatally wounded you will enter Last Stand  mode for a few seconds, in Last Stand you will be able to freely aim  Max’s arm while his body is falling to the ground, if you succeed at  killing an enemy you will get back in action instead of dying, but be  aware that all your painkillers will be used.
Takedown – If  you press the Use key when very close to an enemy you will perform a  close range takedown and mercilessly execute him, the animation is  weapon specific, and you will be rewarded with a full BulletTime bar.
Attachments –  Some enemies will use attachments like a Tactical Light or a Laser  Sight, once killed they will drop a random attachment detached to their  weapon, simply pick it up to dynamically attach it to the weapon you’re  currently holding.
Killcams – Your accuracy will be rewarded with an awesome weapon specific killcam usually when killing the last enemy of a group.


This Mod is available now at I’m excited to see the end results, and play this soon. It looks like it’s going to breath new life into an old game that’s still really a classic game to remember. Let us know in the comments what’s on your mind about this classic conversion.


About The Silver
He is a long-standing member of the community since 2010. This is the 4th Mod he’s created for the Max Payne Series. He’s also studying  Computer Science at a Faculty of Science somewhere in Italy.. Details are left vague on purpose for privacy! 🙂

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