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wheazlnewsToday’s breaking news involves two players from the Rockstar Games fan community. The Site owners of RockstarNetwork and RockstarBase had a round of  discussions earlier today about high value Bawsaq stocks. That conversation led to discussions of a site merger.  After a few bottles of Pißwasser, the two CEO’s hammered out a deal, along with the controlling share of the sites. The two finally agreed to a challenge match of QUB3D Online for a final deal decision.

When Wheazel News asked the head of RockstarNetwork about the deal, he responded with this puzzling statement…

“The idea came to me when I was munching down some ego chasers and checking out the Bawsaq stocks for Sprunk. It just so happened that my friend from RockstarBase reached out to me on my life invader chatterbox. We got a conversation going about stocks that led to a merger idea, and  it didn’t take long for us to figure out that it was a great idea.  So we thought it out, and came up with this as our shared statement.” 

We can unite our sites and bring Rockstar fans more content that we feel is important to the community  from one site. Plus I totally kicked his ass at QUB3D online.”


 Greetings to all from Rockstarnetwork and RockstarBase.  Over a series of discussion as a team\group, we have come to a conclusion that will merge to become part of the Rockstar Network family. This will happen through a series of changes. Rockstar Base will become one with, and will become an archive site for past content to remain available to everyone.  RockstarBase staff will start functioning from here forward.  Our logos will be combined to form a new logo that represents the interest of both sites, and other changes that will blend us together over time. We all have unique skills, talents and ideas. But we share a common goals and the same ideals about  involvement with the Rockstar Games community members. We expect an exciting year ahead for anything to do with Rockstar Games news, and our connections with the Fan’s and friends in the community.



When did get it’s start? Way back in 2008, a little ol’ game title by the name of Grand Theft Auto IV was due out soon. Thomas got an idea, and he liked that idea.. So I put a bookmark up on a domain registrars  page, and dabbled with name ideas. He found one.. Then like a gun man at a convenience store in San Andreas, he pulled the trigger and bought a domain called He already had a serious passion for Rockstar Games and it’s already many popular titles.  Especially that good old classic, Grand Theft Auto – Vice City.  From that point forward, an amazing journey was built from that humble beginning. A journey that is still full of adventure, romance and .. wait no.. not romance.. Passion, yes a passion for gaming and reporting on it.. Plus it’s fun playing Rockstar’s games… The future for Rockstar Base is a story still being told. But let’s take a look back.. way back to the beginning of the year 2008. Which seems like a long time ago in internet time. It’s like we just walked out of the caves of hand coded HTML on the walls. Here’s a small snippet from one of his very first postings. A substitute logo has been used, due to the original one having vanished in the sea of lost bytes…


Welcome to my Rockstar Games site. This site is about my Collection of Rockstar Games, and news of the company.  You can view my Collection at the top of the page, by clicking “The Collection” When you just want to view Games/Goodies separate, you can click on top of the page from which Console you want to see the Games.  Feel free to look around, and stay tuned for daily updates!
Grand Theft Auto IV Release date! Ok guys, its here. The release date of the new Grand Theft Auto is 29 April 2008. And don’t worry, it’s world-wide. 


We all look forward to providing the best fan information we can, to you our readers, twitter followers and friends in the coming year(s).. We also thank you for being a part of our new journey! 
** The RockstarBase Twitter account will remain active during our transition. Change announcements will be made as we make progress.**

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