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[dropcap]I[/dropcap] have to admit, some of the music in GTA V is very addictive, and some of the songs are more irresistible to listen to than others. The one band that seems to keep the Los Santos vibe, and feel for the games sunny costal environment is the music by BATTLE TAPES. So this weeks Music Monday is dedicated to the featured track and the other music from the EP Sweat Shop boys EP . The music fits right in with the vibe and edgy parts of GTA V’s car cruising and story line. Check out their tunes below, and follow them on Tumblr and Twitter
imageOne of the most stand out things about Battle Tapes is not that they just have a track on the Mirror Park Radio station in GTA V. It’s how the bands music life reflects on the world of GTA V and clearly mimics it to a degree or two. In real life they play at venues in Echo Park in Los Angeles,  California. They’ve been featured on a Radio station called KCRW, in the community of Santa Monica College. They have played BATTLE TAPES regularly on air, even prior to GTA V.  In GTA V, they play their track “Feel the same” on Mirror Park, which is a word play on the name Echo Park. So clearly some influence came from this band and KCRW radio station to form the Mirror Park Radio Station. Is it ironic, or a metaphorical irony that has more of a story to tell ? Maybe there a real llama farm in there somewhere… We’re not sure. But one thing we do know is that Echo Park is a dense and music rich neighborhood with a deep population of more that 43 thousand. So there’s much more influence on the Mirror Park Radio Station to find out about in our next Music Monday, so stay tuned for that.



Battle Tapes is an electro synth rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Founded in late 2010 by frontman Josh Boardman, keyboardist Riley Mackin, bassist Stephen Bannister.  Battle Tapes released their first body of work, “Sleepwalker” in the summer of 2011. The self-released six- track EP features the standout track of the same name, as well as remix contributions from fellow up-and- coming artists. The group released their second EP, “Sweatshop Boys” in the spring of 2012, further blurring lines between indie rock and dance music.  Battle Tapes Perform regularly in Echo Park, Silverlake and Hollywood and have been regularly featured on Los Angeles radio station KCRW, various movie trailers, TV shows and video games including the 2013 Rockstar Games title Grand Theft Auto V.


Their featured track in GTA V played on Mirror Park Radio in GTA V:

Additional Tracks by BATTLE TAPES.

Sleepwalker – Battle Tapes from Battle Tapes on Vimeo.

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