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Today we are sharing up some tunes from the cats whose tracks know where it’s at….

[dropcap]A[/dropcap]little background here on our featured artists. Steven “Flying Lotus” Ellison & Stephen “ThunderCat” Bruner are both from the L.A. area and did a funny video interview over at PitchFork from May 7th 2013, that you can watch below.  Lotus is an experimental multi-genre music producer and rapper all while producing artists over at BrainFeeder for independent music. Lotus did the Bump Music for Adult Swim.. and much more.  Thundercat has some solo works and has also been an active member of  Suicidal Tendencies, (Suicidal Tendencies – Subliminal is in GTA V on [Channel X]) in addition to the  side band of SxTx, “INFECTIOUS GROOVES”. Stephen is basically pulling double duty. He’s been rocking the stage with them for 6 years. He’s been known to work with many other musicians too as an accomplished bassist..  He’s even hit some notes with Snoop Dog.  Thundercat’s current albums are titled “The Golden Age of Apocalypse (2011) & Apocalypse (2013)”. His musical style might be referred to as a blend of R&B, jazz fusion, electronic, psychedelic & funk.. We’ll make up some sort of word that seems to fit the built for that style.. RYTHUMJAZE’PHUZeK! Quiet a mouthful, but it seems to work. You may know him from Listening to the Radio in GTA V. Flying Lotus is noted for 9 of the 20 tracks  for Fly Low Radio. He’s also listed as himself as a D.J Voicing the radio station along with Captan Murphy.


10 of the 20 Tracks from “Fly Low FM”

*D.J. Captain Murphy is an alter ego of FlyingLotus
Flying Lotus feat. Niki Randa - "Getting There" (2012)
Flying Lotus - "Crosswerved" (2013) 
Flying Lotus - "Be Spin" (2013) 
Flying Lotus & Erykah Badu - "See Thru To U" (2013) 
Flying Lotus - "The Diddler" (2013) 
Flying Lotus - "Computer Face Rmx" (2011) 
Flying Lotus feat. Niki Randa - "The Kill" (2013) 
Flying Lotus - "Catapult Man" (2013)
Flying Lotus - "Stonecutters" (2013)
Thundercat - "Oh Sheit It's X" (2013)


To top it off he collaborated with Thundercat on this track featured on Fly Low FM “Thundercat – Oh Sheit It’s X”.  So watch the interview,  listen to some tracks and watch an early live performance of Thundercat. Click around on the links on the words above, and find something new and exciting.. Thundcat’s  style is robust enough to cross many genres of music. Hope you enjoy it, we look forward to his next project..


Thundercat on Tumblr –

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