Rockstar winning big at BAFTA

By / March 13, 2014 / Grand Theft Auto V, News

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts presented it’s awards the other day, and Grand Theft Auto V won BAFTA awards for British Game, Game Design and Multiplayer during the night.

Dan and Sam Houser, (Founders/Producers/President/Vice President) alongside Aaron Garbut (Art Director)  and Leslie Benzies (Producer/President) accepted the award on behalf of the whole of Rockstar Games:

“Now as far as I know, this is the first time BAFTA has given an award to 900 people.” -Sam Houser

In the video below, you can see Dan’s acceptance speech, and even hear one or two anectodes from the early years of Rockstar. Fun fact: The award was actually presented to Rockstar by none other that Hideo Kojima, which is an honour itself, enjoy.

Rockstarnetwork congratulates Rockstar for this fantastic achievement, furthermore cementing their status as pioneers in the business! Well-deserved!

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