GTA V – The Musical

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The internet is vast and full of content. So when you discover things that have been around since last year, it’s not really a surprise that some people (including me) have over looked it. Check it out, it’s pretty creative, and a funny.

Check out this video I found randomly on youtube… GTA V – THE MUSICAL

Video Game Musicals #11: GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 THE MUSICAL

Franklin, Michael and Trevor fight and freestyle their way up the crime ladder in Los Santos as they pursue their own visions of the american dream.

“$TRAIGHT OUTTA LO$ $ANTO$” A flash animation parody of Grand Theft Auto 5.


(Written, Performed & Animated by Logan Hugueny-Clark aka LHUGUENY.)
(c) 2011, 2013 LHC

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