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” No Sex for Ben” is featured in The Music of Grand Theft Auto IV a soundtrack that is bundled with the special edition version of Grand Theft Auto IV. This song was number 26 on Rolling Stone‘s list of the 100 Best Songs of 2008.[11] The song was also featured on the third season premiere of Gossip Girl and was a major hit in Australia. “

We’re pulling out a GTA IV track for this weeks Music Monday. Especially since it’s still right around 6 years ago for the release date of GTA IV. Most of us know that GTA IV brought out quite a few cool and very memorable tracks for us to cruise around in Liberty City. The Rapture being one of those bands with a catchy song, and a message about no sex for Ben. This band was chosen based on it’s notable impact from the game. GTA IV in it’s  hayday of  user made videos on the now shutted Rockstar Games Social Club TV. The use of the track no sex for Ben was utilized by many Social Club community members, when making short gaming videos, or even minor machinima. most of the videos eventually spread to YouTube, with some very creative people still utilizing the video editor today. (E.G. Yeardly Diamond).

FACT | The group to date has a library of 13 total albums, with one re-release added just the year after it was released. That was “House of Jealous Lovers”.

The moment they released the international dance floor hit House Of Jealous Lovers in 2002, New York quartet The Rapture redefined the tip of the indie iceberg fusing the skronk and chaos of punk with the precision and funk of basement after-party disco beats. The Rapture opened the floodgates for many to float through on the wave of this fresh take on some vintage, party-forward sounds. While it’s easy to pin the influence of Gang Of Four, ESG, and
Liquid Liquid on many groups, The Rapture’s territory of inspiration mining goes deeper, further and wider. The band have shown respect for forefathers as diverse as 70s New York disco progenitor Larry Levan, 80s Chicago acid house innovator Marshall Jefferson, historic party staples like Happy Mondays, The Gap Band, Bizarre Inc or The Incredible Bongo Band, as well as unlikely sources like Sun Ra and Uriah Heep. Perhaps the best way to understand The Rapture is to stop worrying about genres and labels and simply dive right into the grooves of their moving music – from House Of Jealous Lovers to How Deep Is Your Love. Let the cowbells ring!

No Sex For Ben – THE RAPTURE  –  Live at Bengkel Nite Park  –  30/07/10  –  Jakarta. Indonesia

The Bands activity for albums has been rather strong since 1998. But in a twist of news, it turns out that the band just recently called it quits this year. We wanted to talk more about this band, but with it’s demise, we felt it would be better to share some of the other tracks they’ve produced over the years.

In a press release regarding Red Bull Music Academy’s tribute to William Onyeabor, frontman Luke Jenner was listed as “formerly of The Rapture”. No official announcement has been made from the band regarding their disbandment but Jonathan Galkin, the manager of their sometime label DFA Records, confirmed the split. “I kept thinking it might blow over but that might not be the case,” he told Self-Titled. “Feel free to go to press with this headline: ‘Did the Rapture Break Up and Not Tell Anyone?'” Formed in 1998 by Jenner and drummer Vito Roccoforte, the New York dance-punk band made their breakthrough in 2003 with their track ‘House Of Jealous Lovers’, followed by their debut album ‘Echoes’. They featured on the NME Awards Tour in 2004 alongside Franz Ferdinand, The Von Bondies and Funeral For A Friend before supporting Daft Punk in 2007, after the release of their second album ‘Pieces Of The People We Love’. Jenner briefly left the band in 2008 following the death of his mother and birth of his son but returned a few months later. Bassist Mattie Safer quit the band permanently in 2009 while the band released their last album ‘In The Grace Of Your Love’ in 2011. Read more at

We confirmed The Rapture no longer is shown on DFA Records lineup in any notable way. None of their music is available on the site.However  iTunes does have their music published for sale currently.

Snooping around I found this trippy remix of “No Sex for Ben” Here’s a rough track from the early years of The Rapture.
Found yet another remix from the local Chicago Remix artists called “HoodInternet”

While The Rapture Band’s future looks like it’s over, as a group they will be missed. We wish them success on their new paths, and hope to hear something new from some of them soon.



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