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Goose is four guys from Belgium, that formed an electro rock group in 2000. They’ve been on the scene long enough to know what entertains, and they wreck the place with noise that elevates your mood, and soothes your savage soul.

GOOSE | SYNRISE  (Original)

Goose has one Track in GTA V on SOULWAX radio.Soulwax-fm You’ve probably heard the track SYNRISE several times in GTA V and likely thought it was just part of the game’s theme music. It does seem that it should be, since it fits right into the game and is featured on many of the Job Lobbies as the first track you hear. It’s like it was supposed to be for it and it may have been, or V was made for it. The Version you hear in the game is also the remix track from Soulwax the DJs. (We’ll feature David and Stephen Dewaele another time.)  Goose seems to be a quality level band with many different facets of sound. Most of their  tracks have been substantially popular and even have a few remixes. Check out this set that includes a piano version, and a live concert version.

They started writing and recording their own songs, heavily incorporating synthesizers into them. They won Humo’s Rock Rally in 2002 and later that year recorded their debut single “Audience” with Teo Miller. Coca Cola used their debut single for TV adverts across Europe.

They were signed to Skint Records and their debut album Bring It On was released on September 11, 2006. They toured intensively through Europe, and played shows in Australia and Japan.

It’s pretty easy to tell that DeadMau5 is a fan of  Goose & GTA V. DeadMau5 has several remix tracks in GTA IV. So it’s no wonder he tinkered with this track from Goose. It starts a little hard and rough, but once you get into the track you’ll like it.
Put your good headphones on and take in the vibrant remix of  Son of Flynn from Tron by Daft Punk – Remixed by Goose!
This newer track release about 6 months ago seems perfect for a high speed race around tight corners, and neck and neck races on some long stretches of Los Santo’s sprawling metropolis


Fusing electro, punk, indie pop, and glam rock, lead vocalist Mickael Karkousse, guitarist Dave Martijn, bassist Tom Coghe, and drummer Bert Libeert formed Belgian quartet Goose in Kortrijk in 2000. Initially an AC/DC covers band, they won the Humo’s Rock Rally Contest in 2002 with their own material, and after their debut single, “Audience,” was chosen as the soundtrack to a European Coca Cola advert, they signed with Skint Records. Following the release of 2006 debut album, Bring It On, they won Best National Alternative Act at the TMF Awards, had their music featured on the likes of Dirty Sexy Money, CSI, and Chuck, and gained critical acclaim with 2010’s Synrise and 2012’s Control Control Control. ~ Jon O’Brien, Rovi



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