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Radio-mirror-park-officialFlip the station to Mirror Park in GTA V and you’ll hear the anti-hipster virtual llama farm owner Twin Shadow filling our ears with his intellectual DJ skills, while spinning tracks for us to enjoy as we run down other players in GTA Online, or just hanging loose in story mode.. But he’s not just some DJ on Mirror Park Radio in GTA V. He’s a real life accomplished Music Artist, mix artist, DJ and then some. He calls himself Twin Shadow as an alter ego or as the entertainment field choice would be a stage name. That stage name Twin Shadow maybe a copy of his compartmented self with a twist. but his real name George Lewis jr . He’s racked up quite a few accomplishments in just a few years. He’s already hit up everything from singing in a choir to Playing on TV. There’s a litany of music selections from him as well. To date he has published  2 albums, 4 eps/singles a dozen remix tracks, a Book, several videos, 6 covers & 6 collaborations. He’s made a musical guest appearance on Jimmy Fallon, performed at Coachella, Sasquatch, Pitchfork, Bonnaroo. Lot’s of interviews from music sites / magazines among supporting another band Florence and the Machine in some performances.

I took some time to read a multitude of things about Twin Shadow, but found that the music speaks best about his skills as a musician, DJ, mix artist and songwriter. So take some time to catch up on these superb song choices and videos.

FACT  | George is not just songwriter, He’s actually written a book called


Here’s an excerpt from his writings..

They call it the Night of the Silver Sun because the days before the flash were so dark, the clouds so dusty, that it felt as if the night had descended forever. Later, what looked like a lunar eclipse seemed to part the clouds and fill the sky with a brilliant display of color, an orgy of pastels and neons. A reveling burst of inexplicable sound echoed as the entire world swelled and seemed to pause. A quiet rain fell for a while, and a silence spread across the land. Then the moon was sucked into the sun, sending down a flash of glowing silver.


Twin Shadow performing “Shooting Holes” Live from Bonnaroo 2011. The Studio version of this song is featured on Mirror Park Radio in GTA V.


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