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imageMods are nothing new to consoles, but they are also not going away that easy. Some mods are shameful, such as Lag Switches, or Turbo buttons. which are physical modifications to controllers, or networking devices. These modifications use coward like tactics and reveal players to be incapable or fair sportsmen in multiplayer games.

Other mods from players using hacks within the game that give a player an advantage over others, and those using them think it’s ok. It’s not ok, it’s a cheap tactic and shows they have low respect for other players. Liking those players gives them a very skewed sense of approval.

Then there’s just the players who want to have some humor in their day, without taking advantage of other players.  We found some players doing just that.. Players having fun with mods. Use of Mods in any form is not approved by each respective console manufacturer, and not always viewed kindly by some gaming companies. You can even end up with a console ban. I’m not going to go on a tirade about what you should and should not do. But we’ve found some snapshots throughout the Snapmatic Library in that are actual playful uses of Mods. We do not condone the use, but could not help but share some of these amusing uses. No credit is provided, so as not to promote or encourage further use.

Gas-Monkey image image image monkey_finger

There’s been a lot of mod pics over the months, we’ve felt it only necessary to provide a small block of them. By no means is this meant to promote the use of mods in the community.

Play fair, play often and fight clean!

What are your thoughts on the use of MODS ? Would a controlled environment, with tools created by the game creator(s) be a better option for you? Would that bring you the playful sandbox you’re looking for ?? Comment below..

**This is not a forum to vent out about your cheating habits..
This is also about Consoles. Not PC users.

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Louis 

Mods are cool and fun but they should only be used in a private session or story mode.


Consoles should not have them online in my opinion. Unless it’s a selectable option, and there are protective parameters in place. In most cases mods ruin the quality of the game for other players..

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