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Cashmere Cat another band to make some music in 9 varieties.. Magnus August Høiberg is the man behind the alter ego, and he’s from breathtaking municipality in Halden, Norway.

There’s a distinct and unique quality to Cashmere Cat. It’s casual, and serene for calm and laid back sound. You can tell distinctly if he’s put his mark on a remix track, or has composed something original.

The sound of Cashmere Cat has a very experimental synth driven layer of music. Ironically the Musicians name is fitting to the style of music. It’s like a soft cat looking to smile at Alice with dash of hypnotic beat!

The Track Mirror Maru is featured on World Wide FM in GTA V.

Here’s an accompanying remix to Mirror Maru by G. Vump.

There was a huge list of other people remixing, singing over or just doing rather horrible injust things to this song. But in the mix of  artists trying to put their own sound to Mirror Maru, I found some really well worked remixed versions that did do it some justice. I don’t recommend looking for or listening to the other ones.. your ears will thank you for not!


DeeJums put a really neat twist to the remix. It’s rather clean too.

Sweety Remix

HOOD INTERNET is at it again. So far almost every music Monday seems to have a remix from this chicago based talent.


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