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Robyn from Stockholm, Sweden boasts a very unique musical appearance. But there’s no mistaking her ability to have a strong variety of music style as well. Well known by her stage name, but her real name is Robin Miriam Carlsson. Her popularity started out strong in the late nineties with her Track “Heart Beat” from her debut “Here’s Robyn” The track was #1 on the UK charts. The Song was re-released in 2005 and gave her jump into the music mainstream.  The Music scene has taking a liking to remixing her music as well. He’s own sound cloud account boasts a ton of various version of most of her songs.

Robyn’s been nominated for Grammy’s, and Swedish Grammy’s. She’s won awards from The Swedish Grammy’s , such as best performance to best song, artist and composer, amongst other awards.  She’s toured with the likes of Cold Play, performed live for the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize and has what seems like an unlikely collaborative song with none other than Snoop Dogg. Apparently the two have never met. The collaboration came as a deal to release a fresh album in the United States. The deal included her remixing a new track called “You should know better Ft Snoop Dogg” It includes the two with complementing vocals and contrary to a pop vs hip hop sound, it works out well.

One thing we’ve noticed about her music is the level of promiscuity… Most of her songs ares subtly sexually suggestive, but one’s even right down clear as day what it’s intentions are.. “Jack U Off” we decided not to share that one based on quality of the song, not as in it’s dirty/explicit, that’s pretty obvious by it’s title.. It just has a horrible listening quality level. Most of it’s spent smashing piano keys.. But If you want to have a listen.. Go ahead and click here. Good luck getting that old piano noise out of your head. 

Otherwise, the majority of her music is clever, talented and pretty normal to listen to. So check out some quality music that is fo shizzle to sound good below…

Original |

ReMix |

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