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07-vinewood-boulevard-radioWe started Music Monday to bring you a look into the music from artists featured in Rockstar Games Titles. Any one of the game titles could be featured weekly. This week we continue with GTA V.. And why? Well after playing GTA Online all weekend, a track became stuck in my head after a dive in the water with my car. After swimming out of the water the song  bit my ear for a while. That’s right Shark?’s – California Grrls as Featured on VineWood Boulevard Radio. So today I wanted to share some low-fi California oriented rock sound from SHARK? The band calls New York home,  is part of Old Flame Records, and features many groups with very unique sound and provide a good alternative to listen to from the daily grind of music. Check them out from the link provided later…

Now some might say, how does one find Shark? on the interweb.. Well if you use Shark Question Mark Music. You’ll find more on them. Straight up SHARK? get’s you hits on real sharks.. Like Shark Week or Shark Vacuums , SHARK HELMETS and even a CAT on a Roomba in a SHARK suit. It’s just not that easy to get top billing these days when everyone has a market for the name SHARK .
Ok, enough rambling, and let’s have a listen to some rather versatile and fun music. It’s good, it’s fresh and a little raw, and very enjoyable. You might find that your ears can easily consume it!

So looking into this band, we found out just how fun focused they are. They have a California rock sound all while playing from New York! So if you’re brave of heart and need a good kick in the laughter.. Check out the video they did for California Grrls !

SHARK? Members did an interview with LEFTBANK Magazine, and it’s pretty funny. Check it out here:

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