There is more than shooting in GTA V

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We are fast approaching the first anniversary of GTA V, and not far along after that is GTA: ONLINES first year too. Many of you do cliché things in GTA Online, and some of you look for the unique and imaginative things to do.  One Crew that’s been around for more than 1o years has put their credit to the test, through thick and thin. But the one thing they always have time for is fun, and unique ways of finding that fun.  That crew… Scratch that.. That GANG has been on the streets longer than most of you in Grand Theft Auto titles, and they’ve put together a very imaginative stunning video of the crew, diving, biking, flying, repelling and you name it.. Showing off, even on the roller coaster. That Gang is “The Warriors Gang” .It’s been an honor to know and play with them for years as a friend, and affiliate and member.So without further ado, I present to you!


BY: |W|Quest


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