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Radio-mirror-park-officialGTA V is full of great music, and from our perspective Radio Mirror Park has some really cool music choices. Seriously The commentary is epic straight-faced comical. The comments are surreal, and fit right in with the GTA V radio listeners mentality of the game. The Delivery of bits like the Theoretical Llama farm are spot on.. During the first Music Monday on Twin Shadow, I discovered there was so much more to impart to from Twin Shadow from GTA V. but this time around it’s an homage to his music by other musicians and DJ’s mixing his music.

“I’m the urban Ninja, you can’t stop me. Because you don’t know where I’m going!   – D.J. George”

Before we get started, on June 5th He played Live on Conan O’Brien. The setup was really cool, and the sound was great with a vocal accompaniment, followed by 5 additional Twin Shadow remixes.

The thing about music is that it’s far-reaching and influential. So it’s of no surprise that Twin Shadow has remixed works from other artists. I personally spent hours combing over the web and for a handpicked list of remixes from Twin Shadow, and covers from other artists. I choose some excellent quality remixes and covers. If you have some great headphones with low and high [Frequency response range of 10Hz – 27kHz] You’ll get the most out of these tracks, and really appreciate them! – original score of  Thunder Clatter by Wild Cub

Now for some covers and remixed tracks by other artists worth the mention. They have their own unique feel and vibe. Check them out from Soundcloud below.

A surprise find was this remix of The Chain Gang of 1974 by Twin Shadow


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