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By / November 14, 2014 / Grand Theft Auto V

Well, if you’ve not seen enough of GTA V next gen coverage, and you’re still not convinced. Check out this exclusive image of  GTA V next gen. It’s a clever night-time scene of the The Galileo Observatory overlooking Vinewood hills. Take it in, imagine the wildlife, and moon shimmering in the sky. Peace and tranquility distant from the rough streets of Los Santos.. With Tuesday Nov 18th around the corner, First person Perspective, and detail that will blow you away are reasons enough to pickup GTA V for your next gen console….  Get your pre-orders in, get in line for a midnight release.. Let’s get this party started!!!!

[highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]Click the image to enlarge to a full 1080HD image[/highlight]


Compliments of  “The Galileo Observatory”

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