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By / April 26, 2015 / Grand Theft Auto V

A GTA V – Rockstar Editor – creation!

In 720p 60fps (Due to Youtube automatically downgrading!!

This is a first use from the GTA V PC editor, and I love it!  I’ve experience with the original video editor in GTA IV, and the V version brings back that familiar feel with tons of improvements!

I spent about 10 minutes recording some continuous footage in what I thought would make a difficult video creation. There’s so much action and its wide-spread in the 10 minutes of capture… So how to keep it full of action, minimal dialog and a subtle story of criminal activities with a final escape?!? Seemed daunting. And yes, I did this in story mode with Franklin.. yet, you’ll almost not even notice him. Even though he’s there for a quick cameo. But This video was not about him, it was about the hood.. and the struggle of a troubled Los Santos neighborhood. That was my message with this video, and I’m pretty confident I brought it!

Be sure to press the gear, and switch to HD, and fullscreen for the proper effect! (originally uploaded in 1080p, but downgraded to 720p by youtube…(

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