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GTA V online has so much to offer its players, But the game still has so much potential. So much thought goes into the game by many people, more than just Rockstar. Some people feel they’re getting what they want, others are wishing for more, and some know what they really want. We empathize with some of those players, while others are just making noise without reason. We feel that is not the case for one very large common group of players. It’s a group of people who have one very real part of the world of “GTA” Online. And their part of the world of GTA seems incomplete. While other portions of GTA online grow and are having more added in DLC updates. Some of it feels redundant or linearly themed.. In other words the feel of the game seems to be straying from some of it’s down and dirty roots. That’s right, I talking about Biker Gangs. There’s so much potential for it. New bikes, game modes, clothing and so much more could happen for GTA Online. We’re not pitching a fit here, and we’re not saying Rockstar is doing a bad here. But honestly, it would be nice if this could happen..

Why are we supporting our Friend Earl Papa Wolf of the Banished Breed MC ? 1.) Because he’s a nice guy. 2.) He’s organized 70+ Biker oriented crews, and his heart is in the right place. Although we don’t think using a petition is the way to go. It does give him a place to organize and make his point be heard.  The Biker DLC is actually not just his idea alone. All of the other Biking Crews agree on this. 3.) The other gangs threatened to break my knee caps if I did not disseminate this propaganda. -J/K

Check out the well polished video that’s well done, and to the point!

 Banished Breed Motorcycle Club, Paleto!  We are a fictional Outlaw Motorcycle Club. Banished Breed MC does not partake in MC wars or Patch Hunting. All we want to do is have fun and enjoy the MC Community and MC Role Play that has developed in GTA V Online.   OUR WEBSITE:

**Rockstar Network feels that a petition is not always suited for solving topics. But in this case, it’s not a negative angle. This is a request from a very loyal group of players, that have been playing GTA for years. Biker Enthusiasts, who feel that they’ve been neglected after each update.



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