Festive Surprise 2017 releases in mere hours

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Update 12/19/2017: Rockstar Games has now released a newswire, which can be viewed here, and Festive Surprise 2017 has now been released. RockstarNetwork article on this can be viewed here.

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Earlier today, it was announced on Rockstar Games’ various social media accounts that the Grand Theft Auto Online  Festive Surprise 2017 update would be coming to all systems, including PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, Tuesday, December 19th, 2017. At this point, the specific time that snow will be returning to online is purely speculative. Curiously enough, a newswire post has yet to be released regarding the latest iteration of the Festive Surprise update. This means that the update will likely receive newswire attention once it is released.

GTA characters having a snowball fight in a snowy field

Photo credits/rights: Rockstar Games/Take-Two Interactive


As with previous Festive Surprise updates, no additional content download is necessary as the “update” has been bundled with a previous one (most likely the Doomsday Heist update) and is currently disabled via tunables. Once enabled and GTA Online is reloaded by players, they will have full access to its contents. Similarly, when exactly the winter wonderland (snow) returns to GTA Online is also determined via tunables and can be turned on at any time Rockstar chooses. In the past, Rockstar has turned snow on and off throughout the holiday season, with Christmas and New Years being the only two fixed dates in which snow has occurred within GTA Online. It is highly likely that this pattern will continue, but with anything Rockstar, nothing is certain until it happens.



Until the tunables are updated, releasing the update, we wish you happy dreams of a winter wonderland. Snowball fights are nearly upon us.

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