Official GTA Online tax refund and rebate promotional image. It reads: "2018 San Andreas State Tax Refund & Rebate. Log in to GTA Online and get a GTA$250,000 bonus + a 10% rebate on every dollar. All bonuses and rebates awarded Feb 27-March 6

GTA Online: 2018 San Andreas state tax refund + more

By / February 17, 2018 / Grand Theft Auto Online, News

According to a recent post published on the Rockstar Games newswire, GTA Online players are in for a pleasant surprise in the form of GTA$ and rebates. Due to “2017’s population growth,” any player who signs in to GTA Online between February 16th and 26th will receive a bonus of 250,000 GTA$. Additionally, any purchases made during… [read more]

GTA Online Valentine’s Day 2018 Update

By / February 13, 2018 / Grand Theft Auto Online, News

Valentine’s. The time of year when GTA Online players band together to celebrate the season of peace & love. Or, should I say, love things…in pieces. However you celebrate Valentine’s in GTA, Rockstar has a gift for players. The vapid Hustler is now available for purchase on the Legendary Motorsport’s in-game website, discounts are (lovingly?) scattered about, and… [read more]

GTAO fan made GIF: Apartment living proves challenging for Santa

I came across this GTA Online fan made GIF while writing Festive Surprise 2017 is here, snow to follow and found, while it did not fit exactly the context of that article, it was too good not to share in some capacity on here. The GIF was created by SantAar with the assistance of Cameron (@TheNotoriousSOV), who played Santa in the… [read more]

Snow is falling in GTA Online, free limited time gifts

By / December 22, 2017 / Grand Theft Auto Online, News

As a part of Festive Surprise 2017, snow has now fallen in the world of Grand Theft Auto Online and on Christmas Day, for a limited time, you can pick up the Albany Hermes Muscle Car off of Southern San Andreas Super Autos for the ultra low price of free. After Christmas Day, the car will be on sale for… [read more]

Rockstar Network festive update

By / December 20, 2017 / News, Official

The festive season is here and, with that, comes the seasonal atmospheric water vapor frozen into ice crystals, that is commonly seen falling from the sky in light white flakes or lying on the ground as a white layer. To reflect the fact that the seasons are changing and winter is upon us, the website has… [read more]

Festive Surprise 2017 is here, snow to follow

Shortly after publishing an article about how the 2017 iteration of the annual Festive Surprise update was nearly here, Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games released the update along with a newswire post. As with every previous iteration, this update sees the return of holiday favourites, as well as the addition of new content, all with… [read more]

GTA Characters in Christmas robes standing in front of a lit up Christmas tree

Festive Surprise 2017 releases in mere hours

Update 12/19/2017: Rockstar Games has now released a newswire, which can be viewed here, and Festive Surprise 2017 has now been released. RockstarNetwork article on this can be viewed here. Original article: Earlier today, it was announced on Rockstar Games’ various social media accounts that the Grand Theft Auto Online  Festive Surprise 2017 update would be coming to… [read more]

Read Dead Redemption II weapon unlockable in GTA Online

Grand Theft Auto Online developer Rockstar Games is offering a chance to get in on the Red Dead Redemption II action early, with the activation of game “tunables”.1 The tunables for this activity, which were discovered shortly after the release of the Doomsday Heist update earlier this week, are expected to have been packaged with the update. A… [read more]

GTA Online new vehicle, HVY Chernobog missile truck shooting at 3 enemy helicopters

Doomsday Heist released

By / December 15, 2017 / Grand Theft Auto Online, News

Update 16/12/2017: Read Dead Redemption II weapon unlockable in GTA Online Original article: The Doomsday Heist update includes a wide range of new content and changes, from fast cars and guns to jetpacks, paying for Lester wanted level removal changing to a free service, to the total number of outfit slots being doubled and everything in… [read more]

Montage advertising art for GTA Online Doomsday Heist update

GTA V o’Clock returns

Update 12/12/2017: The second video in the two-part series was uploaded today. GTA V o’Clock was able to play the update early and tell all about the first act, which they estimate takes approximately five hours to complete. They have said that they will be making a follow-up video at some point. You can view the video on… [read more]

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