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BLACK STROBE is the work of Arnaud Rebotini and DJ Ivan Smagghe who started the band in 1997. Arnaud also holds a record label under the name BLACK STROBE RECORDS. For over 15 years he’s been an accomplished Composer, producer, remixer, Performer! Arnaud and Ivan started a music movement years back called electro clash. Electro clash is described as a mix of a style of music that fuses 80s electro and synthpop with a dash of 90s techno dance music.

FACT | Black strobe has worked with many in demand artists, including The Rapture.

Most of Arnaud’s music is a mix music style, that has heavy trance club sounds that are synth driven. He’s still on top of his game, and has brought much to the music scene in the UK.  The original members of Black Strobe went quiet for a while, then reformed years later with some changes. There’s been many contributions to the band from in demand music artists remixes. Hollywood director Quentin Tarentino even took note of the band and used a version of the song ‘I’m A Man’ in the movie ‘Django Unchained.’

“I’m A Man” Released June 18th 2007

FACT | There are 8 Known remixes of “Boogie in Zero Gravity” This count does not include the all of the other possible ones that may be in the wild.

The Song “Boogie in zero gravity is featured in GTA V. We appreciate the original version over the remixed versions. However some of the remixed versions are really good. You can listen to them a little further into the post.

FACT | Arnaud ‘s native Language is French, even though he sings in English for Black Strobe.

Black Strobe recently released a 3 track EP on May 26, 2014 . One of the tracks is called GOING BACK HOME.

Currently the band has plans on a new works called “Godforsaken Roads” due out September 2014



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