GTA V: Yes, you really, really should buy it for Next Gen.

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With less than one month to go until the release of the Playstation 4 and Xbox One versions of GTA V, (and later in January for PC) We’ve asked ourselves on the potential buyers behalf; Is it worth getting the enhanced, new version of the game? Or are the differences too small for me to even bother?

To explain our point of views, and to rightfully give the new version the credit it deserves, here’s our top 5 list on the reasons to why you should buy GTA V for next gen.

5.’s GTA.

The first one is obvious. There aren’t many games that you can play like a lunatic for months after months, put it aside, and then pick it up months or even years later, – and still find it as crazily fun as ever. This is what GTA is about, insane replay value. The story in campaign mode is long and rich with content, as is the city of Los Santos and it’s surrounding areas. There’s always something to do in GTA…

4. Revamped Graphics

…And now you’ll be able to do it in the glory of beautiful 1080p Full HD-resolution, packed with high resolution textures, vastly improved draw distance, totally revamped foliage in the outback, aswell as a much more dense and populated urban Los Santos. Graphics don’t make a game, but roaming around in something that looks even greater than it originally did (note that GTA V on last gen already looked fantastic) gives us watering mouths, especially when the developers themselves have the cockiness to brag about incredible visuals.  See the trees and bushes sway in the wind whilst watching the new wildlife idling in the shadows, or speed through the much more packed highways of Los Santos, doing everything to leave the police in the dust. Not convinced? Watch this comparison video.

3. Continue from where you left off

If you played GTA Online on your Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, you’ll be able to transfer your online character to the next gen version without any hassle. Check out your new apartment wallpapers in full HD texture, or see how the new lighing effects shine on your saved custom rides in the garage.

2. New Content

All the DLC that Rockstar have released so far will be included from the start, which will make the game much more rich in terms of content (as it wasn’t enough already..) which bodes well for many players that may have missed out on DLC packs in the past. New fully customizable weapons, vehicles, and clothes, aswell as new missions and gamemodes make the game utterly packed to the rim with content. Rockstar are also working hard to include even more next gen-exclusive content like many many new hits on the radio stations, aswell as new recordings by the hosts themselves. Also, the much anticipated Heist missions are set to make their debut very soon, maybe even with the release of the game itself, or possibly sometime right after

1. GTA Online

The biggest for bying GTA V on next gen is of course GTA Online. Since it’s release a year ago, it has grown to become a true open world experience filled with players and content likewise. It’s a seamless online experience that is best played with your friends and crew. The missions are varied, fun, and rewarding. The world has been carefully balanced over the years to accomodate everyone of it’s citizens, and this is what makes it so good. More content is being added all the time, with heist missions prone to become a big hit.

With the migration to next gen, we are certain that GTA Online is going to live on for a good while, only becoming more and more content-filled and more and more fun to immerse yourself into. Then why not do it in the best way possible, by playing GTA V as it was meant to be played, graphically stunning, rich with content, and populated with many, many others players looking for fun in the GTA Universe!

Our conclusion? Do yourself a favor and preorder your copy of GTA V now, it will be your best decision of the whole year. The game is out worldwide November 18th.

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