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Congratulations are in order for @AriozaOfDeath as the winner of our giveaway. She has won with a very close response, and several others with near like responses.. Many others had responses that were wrong, or did not meet the required follower count.

The correct response to our question of…

Who says:  “Oh baby you went off that thing! “Franklin, Michael or Trevor? And Why? (What would happen to cause this to be said?) 


Is: Michael, as passenger with either Franklin or Trevor when doing jumps.. It’s a rather tough one to know. Most people thought it was Franklin with a hooker!

Thanks everyone for your participation! We look forward to having another giveaway in the future!

We’re giving away a Chain Gang of 1974 Autographed, limited edition Cassette #151 of 200.  This is a one time offer, and applies only to residents of the US, Canada & UK. Why? Shipping costs prohibit us from sending to other international locations. If you provide your own shipping to a remote, or otherwise costly location, we’re willing to adjust that rule! (Customs, and other issues may prevent shipment to other locations, we can not be responsible for delays or interruptions from customs, or mailing services .)


Who says:  “Oh baby you went off that thing! “Franklin, Michael or Trevor? And Why? (What would happen to cause this to be said?) Simple answers are ok.

First correct answer to wins!



Entrants must be legal residents of the United States , Canada or UK. (or elsewhere) You must also be on the date of selection 18 years of age.  Should for any reason shipping costs exceed the value of the prizing, or falsification of residence and age, an alternative winner will be re-selected.

All entrants must follow[highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”] @CHAINGANGOF1974 @RockstarNetwork & @touchvinyl [/highlight]

You must also have over 200 Tweets of your own, and have more than 200 followers, or have over 200+ tweets.. Why? Well when some people are into twitter, just to win prizes.. or pay for followers, We refuse to support that! [highlight color=”eg. yellow, black”]SPAM ACCOUNTS will be ignored[/highlight]

Date of the Drawing may occur between June 6th and 7th at any time. So be prepared to answer a mystery question to WIN! We’ll provide an email address to send that response to, and the first correct answer wins!

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