New Grand Theft Auto V Information On The Way?

By / March 20, 2013 / Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Rumours, Xbox 360
Grand Theft Auto V Information

According to a new espisode of CVG’s: GTA V o’clock there is ‘massive GTA V Information’ coming.

At the start of the episode Tim is asking Dan the following question

“You mentioned there would be a massive, massive news coming, people are still wondering I’m sure if you where talking  out your rear end?”

So why don’t you tell us about exactly whether you where talking out of your rear end..”

Dan responds with the following.

Uh, no i think there is potently exciting news coming for the show, but if you can speculate about what that might be
and who probably is the ultimate controller of that stuff, it’s not really in our hands, so um we’ve just got to sit tight a little but I’m confident that in hopefully the next few weeks, we should have some extremely good news and have a lot more concrete info to share about the game. [Grand Theft Auto V]


This sure sounds good! Are we getting more Grand Theft Auto V information in a couple of weeks? Let’s hope so!




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