GTA V Startup on Playstation 3

Hey everyone!

About six months ago, I made a Xbox360 GTA V Startup/Loadscreen/menu video,

to try and create an authentic feeling of starting up the game on a Xbox 360.
You can watch it right below:

Now I’m back, this time on Playstation 3. Even more work went into this one, and I’m really satisfied with how it turned out.

This is in no way an prediction of how it will look, nor an attempt to pass it off as a leaked video or something like that, it’s just a
fun project I’ve made to share with the community, while we all eagerly wait for #GTAV!

Remember to watch in HD!

Want more? Then you’re in the right place! Check back regularly, cause we will post more media like this in the coming months!




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Will Hoke

Love that rockstar logo with the money falling in it. You should make that a GIF

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