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actual_1343856672Rounding up our Avatar friends has been no easy task for most of us we have busy lives. We’ve heard from quite a few of our friends, and we’re not sure if we’re done yet.. So keep an eye on us!

Jeremy’s one of the last few I’ve made contact with. And it’s much appreciated that he took time out of his busy schedule to connect with me. His likeness is in the last group of four, from the last Max Payne DLC released, which also included Louis Van Bree. Jermy’s on The Broken Whiskey Bottles crew and we’ve played a few matches with each other when time was more available. We’ve kicked ass, and didn’t bother to look back at the corpses we’ve left behind in matches. So if you see his likeness, or him heading your way in game… run and hide.. if you can! MUAHAHAH!

Let’s get to it. I’ve asked the same questions of each of our avatar friends for a comparison. Not only for us, the avid Rockstar Fans. But for each of them to see just how becoming an avatar has changed things for them, or not changed.  I personally think it’s the coolest thing to become immortalized in a game. We have other freinds too that have their full name placed on the grave stones. But since they are virtual corpses, we’d have to be a witch doctor and raise them from the dead to get them to speak about their experiences. But we might higher someone to do that for us! Or we may have another avatar friend still to get an answer from. You’ll just have to keep your eyes on to find out!

Chicago – How’s the being an avatar in a game effected your personal lives? Have you been recognized all over the place, once in a while. Or just not at all.
Jeremy – Being an avatar in the game hasn’t changed anything in my day to day life. In my gaming it has been the catalyst for my introduction to other, likeminded gamers (like yourself). XBL is such a crapshoot as far as finding–lets just say cool–people to play with. So I am grateful for the opportunity because of these new relationships. I have not been recognized anywhere, not that I was expecting to.

Chicago – Would you do it all over again!
Jeremy – Yes. Absolutely. Everyone I dealt with concerning my small part in this dlc was great. Having my girlfriend snap a few pics in exchange for being able to see myself in a Rockstar game was a no-brainer for me.

Chicago – Have you finished playing Max Payne 3, and if so more than once. or has the magic faded in preparation for GTA V!!!
Jeremy – Yes. I kept the game (for obvious reasons – but at last check I think I’ve spent something like 111 hrs playing it. I absolutely loved the story and voice acting. With so many games coming out though, coupled with those pesky real-world responsibilities, ’twas time to move on.

Chicago – Will you be all over GTA V like you were for MP3, or even more so for GTA V!
Jeremy – GTA V is one of my most anticipated games of the last couple of years. I have been gaming most of my life, and have car-jacked so many fools in this franchise its become second nature. I am looking forward to tooling around GTAV mp with the Broken Whiskey Bottles.

Chicago – If you could meet each other, what’s the first possible thing you might say to one another! 
Jeremy – If I could meet with other lucky avatars, I would ask them what they like to consume as game-fuel. Red Bull sugar-free for me.

Chicago – Any comments you may have in general or noise you want to share with the community!
Jeremy – Just want to say that I have always felt lucky for being selected to use as an avatar. I knew it would never bring me money or fame, but it brought a smile to my face, and those are super-valuable in this day and age!

A final congratulations to you Jermey, I only wish I had more time, and had thought to get a first interview from you! We wish you the best, and hope to see you around in GTA V this fall so we can shoot it up in Los Santos, or crash jets into each other.. WOOT!

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nice my friend good to see a crew member be part of something so cool and i know his likeness will be transfered over to gta 5

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