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lewis Mr. Louis  Van Bree Loves Rockstar Games. Especially for choosing him to have this likeness in Max Payne 3. He was one of the last 4 given an opportunity to be an avatar for the Multiplayer portion of Max Payne 3. His likeness can be found in the last DLC, and has a very distinct difference to any of the other players. So when you notice his likeness in the game, it’s unmistakable. Unless it’s hidden behind a gorilla mask, balaclava, death mask or any one of the other loadout features that can conceal ones face. I recently caught up with Lewis to do this Q&A with him. I missed to the opportunity to perform an interview the first time around.. I had a very full plate then.. As I do now. But I made it a point to connect with all of the Avatars that made it into the game for a 1 year anniversary. I appreciate that each of them could respond back in kind!

Let’s get to our Interview!

Chicago Enigma: How’s the being an avatar in a game effected your personal lives? Have you been recognized all over the place, once in a while. Or just not at all…

Louis: Nothing much has changed. The first week Rockstar games had announced that i would be in Max Payne 3. i got some emails for interviews from some newspapers and a gamingnews-website. Apart from that Nobody ever came to me and sad: “Hey, you are the guy from Max Payne”. But it’s always nice to brag about it when you see some old friends.

Chicago Enigma: Would you do it all over again!

Louis: Yes! It’s incredible but, i don’t think there is much change that it would happen.

Chicago Enigma: Have you finished playing Max Payne 3, and if so more than once. 🙂

Louis: I finished it on easy, medium, hard and now I’m busy with hardcore for the trophies/achievements.

Chicago Enigma: Will you be all over GTA V like you were for MP3, or even more so for GTA V!

Louis: I didn’t grow up with the Max Payne series. I didn’t even know about the game from until I took al look at the Rockstargames website. I like Max Payne. but I’m already 8 years attached to Grand Theft Auto.

Chicago Enigma: Are you still playing Max Payne 3… or has the magic faded in preparation for GTA V!!!

Louis: I still play Max Payne 3. But the last time I play less and less on the playstation. I really miss the social club events. Since the announcement of GTA V my life has changed there isn’t a day that I don’t think about how hard I want to play it and the trailer songs that are stuck in my head.

Chicago Enigma: If you could meet each other, what’s the first possible thing you might say to one another! (Other than the status Quo – HI, hello, how are you!!)

Louis: I know your face from somewhere! :p

As always we appreciate Lewis and the others taking time to connect with us, and share their experiences. I’ve also put together a video of Louis’s avatar playing Max Payne 3. Check it out below!

Cheers and thanks for your support!

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