Grand Theft Auto V Xbox 360 2 Discs – PS3 1 Disc

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According to one of the biggest dutch news website, Grand Theft Auto V on the Xbox 360 will require 2 discs whereas the Playstation 3 version will only require 1 disc.

The first Xbox 360 GTA V disc will be used for installation and the second one for playing, once the game is installed on the Xbox360 the player will only have to use the second disc.

The installation will be around 8GB of data.

Check out the whole article here translated to English with Google Translate.


The above is just 1 tidbit of information that  Rockstar Games released during their Grand Theft Auto V Q&A, check it out below.

  • Rockstar confirms that when you switch to other protagonists, you’ll be dropped into whatever situation they’ve gotten themselves into while you were away.
  • While difficult, it is possible to track down other protagonists without calling them to arrange a meet.
  • You can hang out, annoy and assault other protagonists but you won’t be able to kill them (blame remarkable recovery and health insurance.)
  • There will be a double-sided map based posted included with all editions of the game.
  • Rockstar is running into customs issues with making the special and collector’s editions available in Brazil.
  • Very deep car customization (more details coming very soon.)
  • The 360 version will have two discs and a required one-time mandatory install. After install, Disc 2 will be used to play both single player and multiplayer.
  • The install on both the 360 and PS3 is roughly 8 GB.
  • Official gameplay video is on its way.
  • Multiplayer is being officially called “Grand Theft Auto Online”.
  • Rockstar is putting extra focus on anti-cheat.

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