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This weeks edition of Music Monday covers three of bands.. Sort of. Our focus is on Shy Child, so we’ll be rolling back the clock to GTA IV for this one, with bit of a connection to GTA V. So why three bands, one post? Well because  two bands are on the same record label Gigantic Music out of New York City, and another band has a connection to shy child, with an track of their own in GTA V.  The main focus for now is the one that put two bands bands together on Liberty City’s own “Radio Broker”.  The track “The Boggs – Arm In Arm (Shy Child Mix)”  The original track before being remixed is still a great sounding track from the Boggs. Their version has a rhythmic jazzy gritty kind of rock song vibe to it. The Shy Child mix version, adds a new gritty club sound to the track, but it still pretty much fits the mold of the experimental sound from The Boggs typical genre mixing. Shy Child is the creative duo Pete Cafarella on vocals and synthesizers or Keytar,  with Nate Smith on drums. Both are former members of El Guapo (1997 – 2006). The two moved to NYC separately somewhere around 1999 – 2000. The two had separated from El Guapo at different times. (El Guapo was renamed SuperSystem somewhere between 2004 and 2005.)

Pete Cafarella previously worked with composer Anthony Braxton, while Smith had played drums with Touchdown (Troubleman Records). The duo’s first record, Please Consider Our Time, was given proper release by Montreal’s Grenadine Records in 2002, with the Humanity EP following in late 2003. After a brief tour of Japan in early 2004, Shy Child recorded One With the Sun with producer Chris Zane (Les Savy Fav, Calla), which was released on Say Hey Records in October 2004. ~ Kenyon Hopkin 

Pete are Nate became some well established artists and have toured globally. So extensive are their travels, that a question was once raised reflecting their opinion on whether they prefer a good show or getting laid after the show was more important.. Of course the answer was sometimes both happen in the same night.. So there’s something to be said about their skills as casanovas of Music, and good times! The most recent album from Shy Child is Liquid love, from two years ago [2012]. There’s also some serious inactivity since then. April 22nd, 2012 marks the last visible posting on their facebook page. Their publisher has stopped updating their site at about the same time, and have turned into a catalogue only publisher. It’s almost as if they’ve fallen off the face of the earth.. Where are they Scooby! It looks like we’ve got a mystery to solve. Equally “The Boggs” Last release was in 2007.

The Boggs — vocalist/guitarist Jason Friedman, slide guitarist Zeke Healy, drummer Brad Conroy, and banjo player Phil Roebuck — began playing their raw, stripped-down version of folk on street corners and subway platforms in Brooklyn, NY, during the winter of 2001.

Quietly these bands have slipped into the ether.. We’ll keep looking and provide any updates we can. But for now we’ll share some good tunes from both of these artists.

A cool remix by some local Chicago Mix artists on sound cloud called hood internet.

Fun Fact: A Remix by shy child on a song from “Age of Consent called “Heartbreak-(Shy Child mix)” is a connection between Age of Consent and Shy Child. Age of Consent also has a track called “Colours” in GTA V in Mirror park radio.

Shy Child was also featured in Forza Motor Sport II with the song – “Break Your Neck”.

** Most direct site links to Shy Child have minimal information on them at this time.

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