Too Old For This Sh*t – Bio Shock Infinite

By / April 15, 2014 / News

It’s Tuesday, and you know what time it is.. . Get off my lawn day !! No.. It’s time for “TOO OLD FOR THIS SHIT!” let’s go for an under sea adventure with Bioshock Infinite !! Let’s do this!

Published on Apr 15, 2014

Bioshock Infinite Burial at Sea Gameplay featuring Bioshock’s own “Robert Lutece,” Oliver Vaquer & Jason Zumwalt, better known as Roman Bellic in GTA4. Also known for Inside Gaming’s “Booker Catch” fame.


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Jason Zumwalt

I am Jason Zumwalt.. Formerly known as Roman Bellic from GTA IV. Unfortunately, I'm trapped in a hatch under the Ocean in GTA V.

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