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Take-Two Interactive has announced their annual results for the financial year 2015 (April 1, 2014 – March 31, 2015). Though there are usually lots of boring statistical numbers in the reports. It seems we are fortunate to have heard fantastic figures and facts from the rebellious subsidiary Rockstar Games and the new flagship Grand Theft Auto V ! Over past year, Take-Two Interactive ( The parent company of Rockstar Games) had no less than 1.7 billion in revenue over the fiscal year and made ​​a profit of 288 million. The turnover is over half a billion less than the previous year and the profit nearly five times lower, this is of course still a lot. Especially because the past year did not have a new Rockstar title releases.  Even though GTAV  was initially released on the older generation consoles, the addition to PS4, Xbox One and PC created a huge demand for the already Year plus old title. Grand Theft Auto V drew in a whopping 75% of the fans The game by digital downloads of the title. Revealing a growing trend, and leaving the remaing 25% of the fans  to own a physical copy of the game. It’s really no surprise that there’s now 52 million copies of Grand Theft Auto V for all Old and new Gen consoles including PC!

It’s amazing to think that GTA came from very humble beginnings, and has earned a very significant place in our gaming pop culture. Especially making it to a 5th edition of the game, that has earned a tremendous amount of revenue over the years with each additional, topping the last. The staggering amount earned from September 17, 2013 tallies up to a whooping total of Two Billion Dollars in revenue. That’s just from the sale of Grand Theft Auto V. Now add on revenues of Shark Cards sales in GTA Online, and you have a recurrent revenue stream to help keep V going with new content and support. There are no exact figures known as T2 sales continue to rise. DLC is something where R * and Take-Two still have yet to talk about, and it too will become part of a growing recurrent revenue. Though of course the question remains whether Shark Cards are the right way for the future titles. The advantage so far to the players buying cards, is that all current content releases have been free. To all GTA Online owners. During the meeting various shareholders asked about the future of Rockstar Games and Grand Theft Auto V. Strauss Zelnick, the current head of Take-Two Interactive, talked about the very positive direction they are going, but mentioned no new titles, or changes. We’re hoping Rockstar will have some great news for us soon.  We now know that Rockstar Games is under pressure to perform, by having set a new standard. So ‘a number of upcoming titles’ such as Agent and a possible new Red Dead could be on the way? Zelnick has talked about RDR being a franchise worth continuing in the future. That was noted a few years back now. Nothing directly was mentioned about future DLC for Grand Theft Auto V either. The one noticeable direction by Strauss Zelnick during the meeting, is he reaffirmed that Rockstar is working on several updates to GTA Online. Currently some common knowlege we have is that there is an update coming with a classic weapon and a classic car update. Also, the Rockstar Editor , currently on PC, will be coming for to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game. So there is a lot left vague about the future of Rockstar Titles. We’re hoping to get more clarity around June 16.  Take-Two will be at the E3 game exhibition in Los Angeles. Rockstar Games is possible there too?? They were absent from the last PAX. So the secrecy and discretion seems to have a major impact on how they perform post game release. Why change a recipe that works? Where do you see the future of GTA and Rockstar. What are you most looking forward to?

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Source data:Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Reports Record Results for Fiscal Year 2015 Source ask stakeholders: Q4 2015 Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. Earnings Conference Call

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