Grand Theft Auto Online Full Details List

By / August 15, 2013 / Grand Theft Auto V, PS3, Xbox 360

Following the Grand Theft Auto Online Official Gameplay Trailer we’ve compiled a nice list of the amazing things you will be able to do in Grand Theft Auto Online.
Access to Grand Theft Auto Online is free with every retail copy of Grand Theft Auto V and launches on October 1st.


  • Living and breathing open world with multiple players and endless opportunities.
  • Huge range of structured and unstructured activities for the player to do.
  • You will be able to earn and spend money.
  • The player can run around on their own or form a crew with friends.
  • With a crew you will be able to do heists, rob stores or enjoy the classic game modes.
  • With every job you will earn money and reputation.
  • You can customize your character’s outfit, weapon of choice and vehicle.
  • You can buy an apartment where friends can come by and hang out.
  • Able to buy a garage and fill it with customized vehicles.
  • Race on land, air and sea.
  • You will progress trough the game world with everything you do and meet new characters.
  • When you progress you will get new missions, rewards and limitless opportunities.
  • Rockstar will constantly be developing new content for you to enjoy.
  • Content creator is included which allows you to create your own races and death-matches after  that you will be able to share these with your friends or with the rest of the world.
  • It’s a dynamic shared world and it will never be the same experience twice.


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